ViresCapital VII bio picture

    Vires Capital VII is a private boutique investment and advisory firm with a queue of projects currently exceeding $20B. Our focus is large-scale infrastructure, energy, and power deals, generally with First Nations or Inuit partners. As a firm, we are committed to supporting impactful change and progress in all regions we touch. We recognize that the increasing convergence and interconnectedness of world markets, regional economies and local people are the fundamental drivers of global security and social improvement.


    The experienced members of our firm have the most in-depth industry knowledge with the network and expertise to provide the highest quality and service.

    Collectively, Vires Capital's partners have succeeded with transactions totalling over $50B and bring over a century of deep subject-matter expertise. Our network of associates are top notch experts from the finest institutions, thus ensuring leading edge know-how.

  • Markets

    Our primary focus is identifying infrastructure opportunities where an injection of capital brings large and sustainable benefits to stakeholders, partners and investors. We especially seek to unlock the value held in lands occupied since time immemorial near junctions, resources, and boundaries.

  • Values

    Vires Capital VII values:
    • Truth
    • Trust
    • Reality
    • Partnership
    • Adaptability